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Dec 26, 2020

Garden Style in Albuquerque with Case Study Panelists

Season 0 | Episode 26

In this episode, host Randy C. Norton speaks with John MurtaghJL MurtaghChris WhippleRob Murchison, and Dave Ray who together make up a vital part of our Sonata I Project set for development in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With over 125 years experience in the real estate industry, our six professional perspectives provide a comprehensive overview about the unique energy and technology infrastructure designed for this multi-phased development. This is the A-Team and here is their roll call.

(1:41) Why Sonata Trails is a place of interest for John and MultiGreen
(6:00) What JL and MultiGreen are doing to construct more efficiently
(7:31) Nearby projects similar to Sonata
(9:00) Some of the energy solutions Chris and MultiGreen are bringing to Sonata
(10:49) How energy is traditionally wasted in the distribution phase
(12:38) How reducing energy waste will benefit Sonata’s residents
(14:00) Rob discusses Sonata’s technology standardizations and information strategies
(16:13) How the technology standardizations will benefit Sonata’s residents
(17:10) Examples of unique technological capabilities that will be available to Sonata’s residents
(19:51) How Dave is approaching the underwriting for green certifications
(22:31) How Sonata will promote health and wellness
(25:43) The ability to leverage DC power for greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency
(27:49) Rob discusses privacy
(29:32) What kind of green, multifamily competition is there in New Mexico?
(30:49) Expectations for Sonata over the next 12 months

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