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Dec 25, 2020

Investor Relations and Impact Reporting with Rachel Rosenthal

Season 0 | Episode 25

In this episode, host Randy C. Norton speaks with MultiGreen’s Director of Investor Relations and Client Services, Rachel Rosenthal, about how the company managed to exceed expectations in the middle of a pandemic, and how MultiGreen’s rigorous focus on process more than proceeds will serve its investors.

(1:32) Rachel’s background
(5:08) How Rachel navigated the fundraising world as a female
(7:07) What’s important to Rachel regarding messaging and process
(10:27) How MultiGreen measures impact
(13:17) How MultiGreen exceeded its first year expectations
(14:38) What about MultiGreen is Rachel most proud of?
(15:15) Rachel explains MultiGreen’s advanced portal
(19:51) Rachel’s biggest wish for MultiGreen

Additional mentions
World Economic Forum
Saratoga, California
Silicon Valley
San Francisco
Jeff Dorman
i(x) investments
Impact Rate of Return
Howard W. Buffett

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