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Dec 24, 2020

Operational Excellence with Steve Morris

Season 0 | Episode 24

In this episode, host Randy C. Norton speaks with MultiGreen’s Director of Finance and Head of Operations, Steve Morris, about MultiGreen’s unique approach to combining its real estate goals with the creation of its own operating platform to instill efficient and sustainable coordination between the company’s various departments. Steve is operational excellence.

(1:07) Steve’s favorite building in New York
(2:15) What Steve is focused on working with MultiGreen
(4:44) The importance of reporting
(5:47) Efficiency through software integrations
(7:02) New Year Resolutions for 2021
(8:27) Strategic initiatives that will take MultiGreen to the next level
(10:30) What "process building" means to Steve
(13:00) Steve’s biggest wish for MultiGreen

Additional mentions
New York City
Empire State Building

Green Mesa Capital

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