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Dec 27, 2020

Podium Style in Bremerton with Case Study Panelists

Season 0 | Episode 27

In this episode, host Randy C. Norton speaks with Mark GoldbergKent SmutnyLevi Naas, and Dave Ray who together make up a vital part of our Beacon I Project set for development in the greater Seattle, Washington suburb of Bremerton. With over 100 years experience in the real estate industry, our five professional perspective provide a comprehensive overview about the unique value the project offers and how it has instilled a sustainable, repeatable, and cost-effective model for rapid estimation and analysis.

(1:04) Mark explains the Beacon One project and why he likes Bremerton, Washington
(6:58) Kent discusses how the demand for housing in Bremerton has changed his design philosophy
(8:24) How parking will be dealt with at Beacon One
(9:34) How Kent utilized BIM to design Beacon One
(12:31) Levi’s thinking on Beacon One and where their utilization of BIM can go moving forward 
(15:52) How will Levi and Kent’s unique BIM model benefit Dave’s pre-analysis? 
(17:32) What analysis drives Dave on which green certification to pursue? 
(20:18) Mark’s view on what MultiGreeen might be able to do better
(21:47) The benefits of MultiGreen being a long-term capital partner on the entire project
(23:48) Levi and Kent’s thoughts on how they’ll work together on the Beacon 2 or Beacon 13 Project, and what they might do differently

Additional mentions
Bremerton, Washington
Green Street
Fortune 500 Companies in Seattle
Mill Creek
The Wolff Company
Puget Sound
Civil 3D
Gap Analysis
Digital Twin
Green Globes Certification
LEED Certification
WELL Certification
Fitwel Certification
Kitsap County

Bridge to Bridge Urban Trail

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