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Dec 10, 2020

Enriching Our Communities with Dave Ray

Season 0 | Episode 10

In this episode, host Randy C. Norton speaks to Dave Ray, an expert in Sustainability Management and Principal at GRN Vision. Dave shares his vision of why the push towards sustainability in the cleaning, construction, and real estate sectors will create happier occupants, happier employees, and more profit for investors.

(0:54) Why does sustainability matter?
(2:10) What led Dave to focus his work on the perspective that everyone deserves healthy and sustainable building to live in? 
(6:28) How has the cleaning industry changed since 2005?
(7:48) How is the construction industry changing, and why is that change happening slowly? 
(10:23) Advice for companies on how to start becoming more sustainable
(12:42) What are the easiest things to address in construction and operations to become more sustainable?
(15:22) Is “Value Engineering” good or bad in the context of construction?
(18:38) Green Certification differences and requirements
(20:42) Dave’s biggest wish for MultiGreen

Additional Mentions
United Nations’ Definition of Sustainability
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
ESG Programs
Comparing Long Term Holds with Short Term Holds
Value Engineering
LEED Certification

Green Globe Certification
Well Certification
Circadian Rhythm Light
i(x) Investments

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